After several years of apprenticing with an experienced horse-farmer, learning the ins-and outs of harnessing, hitching and driving horses until he could almost do it blindfolded, Karl finally got his first team of workhorses in August of 2015. In his search for a well broke and affordable team, Karl  visited the Amish country of central Wisconsin and Southeastern Minnesota many times, and still does to look at machinery and buy livestock. He's been fortunate to meet  Amish families, test driving great horses and watching the Amish impressively work their various crafts. Sis and Sally were the main chore team on one of many beautiful farms near Augusta, Wisconsin, have been used extensively on all farm machinery and are traffic safe, so they're the perfect team for us to start with. 

We use the horses for tillage, cultivation, spreading manure, and to haul various things like hay, mulch, and sap. In the winter we pull logs out of the woods for firewood and rough lumber, and have even started moving snow. Soon we will try horse-powered hay making. Sis and Sally no longer have 80 acre corn fields to plow like when they were young and working for the Amish, but Karl still finds plenty of things for them to do! They have been such a great addition to our place and way of life, we're looking forward to raising more horses in the coming years to gradually give Sis and Sally  retirement options.