Here are the basics of the CSA program, for those of you who have never participated in one before.

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA customers buy a "share" of the farm's produce. Each season is a little different, and the plants that grow well one summer, may not do quite as well the next. Participating in a CSA, then, gives you a chance to experience the natural changes that happen on the farm, season to season.

This year, we have two share size options:

  • Full shares are $575 and include about 1 bushel of produce per week. That's typically enough for a family of 4-5 that eats quite a few vegetables. 
  • Half shares are $300 and roughly the equivalent of a half bushel of produce which is ideal for 2-3 people.

Of course, you can purchase more than one share if you'd like.

Picking Up Your Share

You can pick up your weekly share here on Wednesdays (4-7 pm). We have capacity to arrange one delivery hub in the Twin Cities, though starting in 2018 a delivery fee of $20/half share will apply. This fee goes directly to our driver to pay for gas and mileage. Alternatively, we can work with groups of customers living further away who are interested in a "buyer's club" option.

In a buyer's club, each person in the group takes turns coming to the farm to pick up everyone's weekly share. That way, nobody has to make the drive every week, but it still allows for the enhanced interaction of on-farm pick up, spending time on the farm, and the opportunity to customize your share rather than getting a pre-packed box. We're happy to help facilitate that process. There is no additional fee for buyer's clubs. Please contact us at if you are interested in setting up a buyer's club or exploring delivery options. For delivery hub customers, a small weekly fee may apply.

When you pick up on the farm, we ask that you bring your own bag or box (we'll have a few extra grocery bags in case you forget yours at home). We'll have the week's produce set up on our display table and let you know how much of each item is available per share or half share. When you arrive, you can select up to your limit of each item we have available that week. That way, you can customize your weekly haul. Unfortunately, shares for delivery hub customers cannot be customized. Our small store may also occasionally feature homemade goods not included in the shares, like salsa or maple syrup. 

What's In A Share?

We consider the half bushel share to contain enough produce for 2-3 people.  If you’re feeding a larger family or tend to cook with a lot of fresh produce, you might want to consider ordering a full share. The produce we have available will change week to week. Early weeks will feature more fresh greens, peas, strawberries and herbs, while later weeks will bring things like tomatoes, squash and garlic. It is a way of eating with the seasons as they change from June through September.

Enjoying Your Share

Finally, if you’re wondering what to do with certain items in your box, check our Facebook page and the recipe section of this site for recipe suggestions throughout the season. If you have favorite recipes, photos of favorite meals you made with Belle Creek Gardens produce, or stories about your experience with the box program, we’d love to have you share them on our Facebook page, too.

How to Order

We accept payment by check, cash, or online. To pay by cash or check, please call us at 651-258-4233 or send an email to to let us know whether you would like a full or half share so we can reserve one for you. We are happy to discuss shares, delivery, payment options or arrange a time for you to visit to the farm and meet the horses!