Welcome to the 2019 season with Belle Creek Gardens!

This year, we're offering both full and half share options in our produce subscription CSA (community supported agriculture) program. Visit out CSA page for information about how it works, what's in a share or how to order. 

Belle Creek Gardens is made possible by the hard work, dedication and partnership of a husband and wife, Karl and Amanda Sames, our families, CSA members like you, our trusty team of Belgian work horses, and the health of our incredibly productive land.

At Belle Creek Gardens, we strive to provide you with fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables that you can feel good about. We live on the farm and raise all of our produce in accordance with the following priorities:

#1 To be economically viable. We need to provide best-quality food for you at an affordable rate.

#2 To be ecologically sound. Our land is very sacred and important to us. It has a history, life, and future that we want to respect and preserve. 

#3) To use live animal power. Our work horses provide the farm with a beautiful source of power and fertility, which helps us towards economic and ecological sustainability.

Check out the rest of our site for recipe ideas, and to learn more about us, our horses and our CSA.


Karl has lived his whole life here except a short while in California and Hawaii. He says real paradise is right here. Karl’s parents were back-to-the landers and their interest in gardening, wild plants, and traditional country crafts appears to have rubbed off on him. His Grandma, Maymie, taught him a lot about country life, she lived here too for most of her later years. She convinced Karl that freedom and beauty, along with the time to enjoy them daily, is where paradise and wealth are found. 

Amanda is a PhD candidate in Conservation Sciences at the University of Minnesota where her research combines her interests in sustainable agriculture and strong local communities. When she needs a break from research and studying, her favorite tasks on the farm are picking berries and hazelnuts, making maple syrup, and getting all the produce set up on the display table for pick up days. Her favorite crop to grow is potatoes because harvesting them feels like digging for buried treasure.